Art Unites Collection

“The power of art is that it can connect us to one another, and to larger truths about what it means to be alive and what it means to be human.” - Daniel Levitin (American neuroscientist). 

When George Floyd was murdered, we felt a responsibility to use our platform as a space to build community and spread unity. Thus, we organized an art campaign working with local artists and businesses to create different pieces that symbolize "Minnesotans Unite" to each of them. 

The result: stickers and journals for purchase and an artwork that will be up for auction! The hope in creating these transportable pieces of art is to reach as many people as possible wherever supporters like you go. To showcase and make each of these handcrafted products available to the community, we worked with 5 artists on the submissions, 2 small businesses on production, and 3 brick-and-mortar shops on distribution. By purchasing these pieces, you are not only supporting the individual artists and businesses that directly contributed to this launch, but also our community as a whole!