• Celebrating small businesses with the community.

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Welcome to Coimatan

The land of 10,000 lakes is our home. And the 464,946 small businesses in Minnesota are integral to our community. Each neighborhood shop – from the art gallery to the framing company and the dry cleaning service, from the graphic design studio to the fitness center – plays an important part in our everyday lives.

Coimatan is a creative studio celebrating small businesses with the Minnesotan community.


Highlighting 150+ BIPOC Small Businesses

Celebrating diverse voices makes for a vibrant and welcoming community. The BIPOC Small Business Directory is a curated resource to showcase BIPOC businesses across Minnesota in an easy, engaging way.

Our guide makes it easy to search for BIPOC-owned brick and mortar retail shops as well as culinary businesses - see below. 

This list has been compiled thanks to resources shared by: MSP Magazine, Kare 11, Yelp Twin Cities, the Black Directory, Minneapolis Craft Market,  @lauren_hugh, @foodandforkmn, @katierobisonblogs, and @brilewerke.

“‘I think people want to shop local and they don’t know where to begin,’ said Katie Koster, who runs the gift store Digs at 38th & Grand...Her regular customers have continued to shop with her, but she thinks Coimatan’s efforts have helped reach some new clientele and that by bringing a large group of retailers together, the campaign has a stronger voice,’”

Andrew Hazzard of the Southwest Journal